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Four Key Software Evaluation Criteria

Looking For A Proven Loan Management System To Grow Your Lending Business?

Four Key Software Evaluation Criteria:

Experienced Solutions Provider:

  • Does your software provider thoroughly understand all aspects of the “lending cycle” in addition to the latest technology?
  • Does your software provider employ customer support representatives with at least 5 years of industry experience?
  • Does your software provider act like a true “partner” and provide best practices guidance based on a history of success?

Loan Product & Lending Model Flexibility:

  • Can you add loan products (e.g., installment or line of credit loans) to your existing platform?
  • Do you have access to multiple lending models including state-by-state, CAB, CSO, sovereign nation lending models?
  • Can you easily import/export data into the system using super-flexible webservices APIs?

Access To Your Data:

  • Are you at the mercy of your software provider when you need access to your data?
  • Do you have multiple options to retrieve critical analytical information, including the industry’s only replicated database option?

Data Security & Compliance:

  • Is your software provider PCI Level 1 data compliant (highest level of data security in the industry)?
  • Does your software provider’s data center comply with SSAE 16 - the standard for reporting on controls?

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