Building A Call Center?
What You Need to Think About

Call Center

Building A Call Center? What You Need to Think About

You have a lot to think about when running a lending business. There are a lot of moving parts. One of the key pieces is determining how you are going to interact with your customers.

With the limited manpower and resources you may have at your disposal, outsourcing a call center could be a very strategic and smart move for your business. An outsourced call center can offer a turnkey solution and help you deal with set-up, processing payments, contacting customers, working collections, settling debt, acquiring customers, customer retention, data analysis and offering management ongoing best practices.

It’s important to stay one step ahead in this business. Partnering with a best-in-class call center with innovative technology and sought-after consulting practices will give you the capabilities you need to stay ahead and drive a higher ROI and profit.

TranDotCom: Serving the Consumer Finance Industry’s Call Center Needs since 2000

TranDotCom serves companies focused on consumer finance through both our transaction systems software products and our professional services, including call centers since 2000. We partner with Centrinex—an industry leader in terms of performance, training and overall effectiveness.

Centrinex’s full-service call center solution offers quality, reliability, security and superior support. Collectively we offer lead to loan conversions, customized bank and employer verifications, defaulted payment counseling and customer service functions. Rigorous quality control measures ensure that your customers are treated professionally, your procedures are followed accurately and your return on investment is maximized. Centrinex has call centers in the US and off-shore, enabling us to support a range of operating hours and business models.

TranDotCom offers services that help clients adapt to changes in the marketplace. And, we’re continually investing in technology to support our customers’ needs. When you outsource your call center to Centrinex, you can focus on your core business strategies and growth.

Don’t let inept software or inefficient in-house call center practices keep you from running a good business. Call us today at 866.735.6862 or email us at to see how Call Center services can benefit you.