Purchasing Transaction Management Software?
Why You’re Buying More Than Just Technology

Client Support

Purchasing Transaction Management Software? Why You’re Buying More Than Just Technology

When you’re getting your lending business up and running, you don’t need a company to just hand you a software disc and disappear. You need ongoing support from a provider who knows the ins and outs of not only their technology, but also the lending business. Whether you’re a new lender looking to get started or an existing lender looking to improve your business, support is critical. The attention you receive after you sign a contract is more important that the attention you receive prior to signing a contract!

A loan management software provider who has perfected industry best practices and stays ahead of new trends will give you the competitive advantage you need. While many companies provide software that essentially keeps track of your loans and helps you manage your business, they vary greatly in one important area: the level of client support. You want to pick a provider that can offer you solutions and support needed to keep you operating profitably and meeting consumer demands.

You have the big idea. Now, let an experienced partner fill in the details and help you move forward.

TranDotCom’s Client Support: Providing the Ongoing Expertise You Need

The depth of experience in our support infrastructure ensures we are able to provide our clients with the best possible answer to any industry-related or software question. Our implementation and support teams excel at providing in-depth solutions that maximize operational efficiencies and effectively utilize the technologies that drive this industry.

Reaching far beyond our own systems, our team utilizes their industry-leading expertise to support website development and data conversions as well as lead provider, ACH, email, accounting, collection and other proprietary system and vendor integrations. We can even customize training programs, data extracts and other technical services to meet the needs of your operational and lending model.

Clients come to us because we support a level of interaction that’s critical to running a successful business. When you choose TranDotCom to provide your Loan Management System, you get much more than a technology platform. Our goal is to get you operational and profitable—and keep you successful with our ongoing client support.

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