From Idea to Implementation:
Getting Past the Hurdles


From Idea to Implementation: Getting Past the Hurdles

Once you commit to running a lending business, choosing lending software and getting operational quickly is important. But along the way, you might run into challenges like:

  • Discovering you need to learn an overwhelming amount of information
  • Finding that resources, knowledge and expertise are not easily accessible
  • Establishing best practices for your store front or online business.

You could be new to the short-term lending industry and you want to execute your business plan—but you don’t know how to put the pieces together. Or, you might have an existing lending business and you’re unhappy with your current transaction software system and business operations.

Regardless, you need to know if a software provider has the capabilities to meet your immediate and long-term business needs. Otherwise, you’ll spend valuable time and money on education and consulting. You want to look for a provider who can offer two important things: a technology solution and industry expertise.

TranDotCom: Providing Expert Implementation and Ongoing Support

At TranDotCom, we know the hurdles in this business have to do with making key business decisions. So when you choose our loan transaction system, you get our world-class implementation—and ongoing client support teams. We walk you through the entire process, allowing you to maximize your profitability. Our customers give us consistent praise on the value of our client services organization.

We are continually developing our software product and offering our clients new functionality every quarter. We consistently monitor client feedback and build out our product based on your needs and challenges. With our once-a-quarter releases, you get significant enhancements. Our dedicated team is here to help you for all of your support questions.

What Do We Have That Others Don’t?

Hundreds of lenders have started out with other providers but have ended up coming to us. What do they get from us they can’t get from others? Value. The value and expertise we provide not only with our lending systems, but also with our professional services. Our client support organization is recognized as the best in the industry.

At TranDotCom, we understand your business needs and challenges. Call us today at 866.735.6862 to find out about our implementation services or email us at