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TranDotCom Customers Offered Lead Portfolio Analytics

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January 2010


Free Optimization Tool Reduces Customer Acquisition Costs

TranDotCom Solutions customers can now have one click access to portfolio analytics and lead generation provided by Integrated Lending Systems, LLC (ILS) of San Francisco CA. TranDotCom and ILS recently formed a strategic partnership to offer TranDotCom customers the basic ILS software package for free.

The ILS system lowers customer acquisition costs by re-marketing to leads that didn’t convert to loans or didn’t pass underwriting criteria. First payment default and return on investment analysis is used to quickly determine which marketing channels to maintain and which to eliminate from marketing plans. Both leads generated by Internet pay-for-performance campaigns as well as those obtained through other paid sources may be evaluated.

"Being able to offer the ILS platform gives us the ability to help our customers become more competitive through optimization of their lead generation," according to Andrew Rains EVP, TranDotCom. "Due to this partnership, we are able to provide our customers with the standard version of the ILS software on a complimentary basis," he continued.

A premium version of the portfolio metrics package is also available, which allows lenders to drill down even further into their lead data to analyze performance at a sub-affiliate or PPC ad level. Conversion to the upgraded version can be accomplished in one day coordinating through TranDotCom.

"We were able to develop something very specific to meet a TranDotCom customer's needs because we had real world experience with the TranDotCom platform as actual lenders. We understand short term lending and we understand the TranDotCom system, so the analytics are tightly integrated with TranDotCom’s backend" reported Jeff Broderick a co-founder of ILS. The ILS team has over 40 years combined experience in short term lending, as well as Internet lead generation platform development.

One of the unique attributes of the ILS platform is that it enables lenders to monetize their withdrawn leads. The system recognizes which purchased leads do not actually convert to customers, and automatically feeds them back through the proprietary ILS lender network for resale.

"Using ILS real time tracking and analytics gives a lender more control over the leads that they purchase. It can help them make timely decisions regarding discarding some sources, and ultimately lower customer acquisition costs and improve ROI on the remainder of the leads," maintains Joe Fitzpatrick, CEO and founder, TranDotCom.

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