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September 2009


Combined Resources and Industry Knowledge Create Best in Class Call Center Tool

TranDotCom Solutions recently formed a strategic partnership with Centrinex to provide call center services to the small dollar, short term loan industry, and in doing so have created a tool providing the highest call efficiencies in the marketplace. Both companies had independently operated industry-leading call centers within the payday loan market segment previously.

Founded in 2005, Centrinex is an Overland Park, Kansas based call center in the small dollar, short term loan arena. The firm offers a suite of products and services that allow lenders to effectively and efficiently acquire, collect from, and retain their customers.

"This alliance is best for our customers collectively, as well as for the industry. It allows us to collaborate resources and leverage the fact that between the two companies, we have the best processes, the best people and the best technology in this category," said Joseph Fitzpatrick, CEO and Founder of TranDotCom.

The combined resources include call centers in Kansas and off-shore. Both companies have a strong commitment to the small dollar, short term loan market and the technology that drives it. The alliance merges best-in-class transaction processing and portfolio management systems with call center technology.

According to Centrinex’s President and CEO, Bart Miller who started in the industry as a lender back in 1999, "You have to stay one step ahead in order to be successful in this business. One of our technology advantages is a dialer system which effectively allows us to greatly reduce the time between calls while having access to all of the customer’s relevant information. This significantly increases call efficiencies, ultimately driving a higher ROI for our lenders."

"Collectively we are able to offer a far greater scale, and are now better able to support all of the different lending models that currently exist, as well as the new small dollar, short term loan products that are emerging," Fitzpatrick added.

"There is a tremendous synergy between the two companies. Both teams have xtensive experience and proven track records in the payday lending space, and both are constantly focused on innovation to help their customers achieve greater efficiencies. This partnership benefits both sets of customers," concluded Miller.

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