The Benefits of International Lending:
Expanding Into the UK

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The Benefits of International Lending: Expanding Into the UK

Consumer lending is really taking shape outside of the U.S. As lenders in consumer finance seek to diversify their portfolio and distribute risk, they are increasingly looking to international lending. The United Kingdom (UK) in particular is a profitable, viable market for short-term lenders.

The UK market is relatively new and highly favorable. There’s room to operate at higher margins, the market is growing and many regions are still largely untapped. Lenders who successfully expand their business geographically depend on technology infrastructure to run their businesses efficiently. That’s why the software you choose—and the provider you ultimately partner with—is critical for your business success.

TranDotCom: Successfully Helping Lenders Expand Into the UK Market

Expanding into the UK has been a profitable move for numerous lenders. With TranDotCom backing you, you’re in a position that will ensure you have the right foundation for profitability. While you run your business, TranDotCom is staying ahead of trends, changes and regulations. Our clients can seamlessly extend their geographic market reach while leveraging the benefits of our core short term loan system—significantly lowering their risks.

The capabilities of our short-term lending system have expanded to meet the market and regulatory environments required for lending in the UK. We have had lenders operating in the U.K. for several years and we have a solution that will enable you to be successful.

Expanding into the UK with TranDotCom enables you to reduce your risk by diversification. We’ll provide you with implementation, customer support and the proven strengths of TranDotCom’s Loan Management System.

The consumer finance industry in the UK is growing. If you want to be a part of it, TranDotCom can help. Call us today at 866.735.6862 or email us at