Becoming Profitable in the
US Consumer Finance Market

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Becoming Profitable in the US Consumer Finance Market

Successful lenders understand the significant opportunity that exists in the U.S. for running a profitable short-term lending business. Consumer demand has increased steadily, diverse products allow you to distribute risk and industry advocates are numerous and active in the community.

Between the different states, legislation varies widely. Choosing the right software from a credible provider will ensure you stay ahead of shifting trends and compliant in every state you wish to operate in. Short-term lending, like any other business, means that you have to lay the right foundation for success by choosing the right technology infrastructure—and the right strategic partner.

TranDotCom: Expertly Guiding Clients to Profitability in the US Market Since 2000

Whether you are lending online or through a storefront, TDC has a solution that fits you. TranDotCom is the nation’s leading provider in loan management software. When you work with us, you never have to wonder if your technology is keeping you compliant. We are as knowledgeable about the industry and the short-term lending business as we are about our platform.

Since 2000, we have stayed on top of trends in the industry. This expertise is reflected not only in our products and services, but in the success it has given clients to gain a competitive edge. TranDotCom has been instrumental in shaping the industry through our involvement with associations such as Financial Service Centers of America (FiSCA), Community Financial Service Centers Association of America (CFSA) and the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA).

By partnering with TranDotCom, you get more than just software. We offer not only implementation services, but also ongoing client support that helps overcome the traditional barriers to profitable lending. Our comprehensive technology solution encompasses everything you’ll need for day-to-day operations to long-term strategy. Complementary products and services we offer to customers operating in the US market include:

  • Payday Lending
  • Title Lending
  • Installment Lending
  • Line of Credit
  • Portfolio Management
  • Integrations with Third-Party Providers

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